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Thursday, December 20, 2012


While reading through this article - "Some Thoughts on Dyslexia", I was compelled to think about a movie "Tare Zameen Par" (Stars on Earth) which also deals with Dyslexia.

This article by Mike (your man in the hammock), describes his experiences with learning disabilities due to Dyslexia and how he managed to get through his schooling years.
Quote : Having Dyslexia does not mean that your child is doomed to go through life unable to spell or read. It normally improves over time. As time goes by your child will develop strategies for dealing with certain problems.  
There are many different perspectives of how to deal with a learning disability. The teacher in the movie per-se illustrates a different approach namely - harnessing the child's creative tendencies which could be art forms like painting, building stuff, photography etc.

Each and every one is born with some form of learning pattern and may not fit the general mold ! We need to be patient with children who find themselves struggling with an approved teaching method.

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Credits : Image Downloaded from Wikipedia article on Tare Zameen Par

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