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Monday, January 14, 2013

School Re-formed

Looking at this blog titled - "School Re-formed" and particularly at the article that describes a unique learning program - "Shikhantar and Swaraj", it seems to ring a bell on alternative education very loudly for learners today.

If you want pure learning without worrying about - exams, peer pressure, learning disabilities, high expectations, this seems to be a real-life example of how its done.

Read through the entire article, to understand how some of life lessons are learnt through experiences as a khoji !

Introduction text from the article :
What does “school” look like when we throw out the grades, the classes, the teachers (the competition, the tests, the authority from above)? 
This one-of-a-kind organization in India offers a compelling picture for what learning could be.
Kudos to the founders & visionaries, for having started  Swaraj and Shikshantar. Do check out the blog which documents the learnings & doings of  Khojis/Students online.

If you are contemplating a Gap year and want to do something you are passionate about, there is nothing like trying something with such organizations !

Can we have more such organizations like these in 2013 please ?

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